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Donald L Koch

A former banking executive, Donald L. Koch currently serves as the president of Koch Asset Management, the largest single shareholder in New York's Carver Federal Savings Bank. Donald L. Koch attended Daycroft School as a youth and was recently awarded Distinguished Daycrofter status by its foundation.

Established in Connecticut in 1928, Daycroft School operated under the mission of advancing Christian Science in the classroom. Though its campus shut down in 1991, the surviving Daycroft School Foundation still offers online programs for homeschool students and to supplement traditional public education.

The homeschool program emphasizes character education for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, promoting the values of honesty and integrity, among others. Middle- and high-school students are brought together through online critical thinking seminars, and parents are given the tools and support to become more effective learning coaches.

Supplemental courses include a K-5 summer curriculum, credit recovery programs, AP courses, and electives that may not be available at traditional schools.


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