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Georgia Institute of Technology Plans New Campus in China

Donald L Koch

Donald L. Koch is a St. Louis, Missouri-based asset management executive who has maintained memberships with professional groups like Financial Analyst Society of St. Louis and the Jacksonville, Florida, chapter of the National Association of Business Economists. Outside of his role as the president of Koch Asset Management, Donald L. Koch has worked in the education sector as a professor of economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology, referred to colloquially as Georgia Tech, is annually rated as a top school for the study of engineering in the United States and currently holds the number seven spot as judged by US News & World Report. Recently, the college announced that it was working with officials in China to facilitate the creation of a new campus in the city of Shenzhen. The campus will be called the Georgia Tech Tianjin University Shenzhen Institute and will allow students to pursue degrees in majors like ECE, environmental engineering, computer science, and industrial design.

Shenzhen is often referred to as the new Silicon Valley and is a hub for startups focused on manufacturing and high-tech design. The new Georgia Tech campus will be built on 40 acres of land donated by the city.


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